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Fast & friendly mortgage advice in Basingstoke.

Helping first time buyers in Basingstoke. Mortgages are a big financial commitment, so starting the process can be daunting for a first time buyer. We offer expert mortgage advice in Basingstoke to reduce stress and support you throughout the mortgage journey. It's not just about the mortgage, but also the journey you take to get there. We'll simplify the process and keep you informed every step of the way. You'll have a mortgage broker in Basingstoke with you from start to finish. Get started now!

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First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

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How much deposit do I need for a first time buyer mortgage in Basingstoke? This is dependant on your credit score and how low you want your monthly mortgage payments to be. As a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, we often find that first time buyers in this area with a good credit score have access to better rates and can put down a lower deposit, such as 5%. On the other hand, if you are a first time buyer in Basingstoke with a lower credit score, you may only be able to access lower rates and be required to put down a higher deposit, maybe around 10-15%. You may also want to put down a larger deposit if you wish to reduce your monthly repayments. The less you need to borrow, the less you need to pay back in total. The amount of deposit you put down will also be affected by the value of the property you buy. If you require a bigger mortgage for a more expensive property, you will have to put down more money. Apply Now

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Popular Mortgage FAQs in Basingstoke

Are there ways to help me get onto the property ladder in Basingstoke?

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If you are struggling to save up the minimum deposit required, there are a number of government mortgage schemes that could provide a helping hand. These policies were introduced to assist first time buyers in getting onto the property ladder. The Help to Buy Shared Ownership Scheme, Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, the First Home Scheme and various others are some of the options available. You must be eligible to use these schemes, and this is where a knowledgeable mortgage broker in Basingstoke can be of assistance. For advice on first time buyer mortgages in Basingstoke and to find out more about the government mortgage schemes, book a free mortgage appointment and speak to a mortgage advisor in Basingstoke today.

What are the costs involved with first time buyer mortgages in Basingstoke?

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As well as the deposit you saved, the other costs involved are conveyancing and legal costs, property surveys, broker fees, and mortgage arrangement fees. You may also have a stamp duty to consider, as well as any insurance (to protect your home, contents or financial security) that you can take out. Your dedicated mortgage broker in Basingstoke will be able to discuss further with you in more detail all the additional costs during your free initial mortgage appointment.

What do I need to buy my first home in Basingstoke?

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In order to be eligible to purchase your first property, you must have saved up enough for a 5% deposit or more before taking out a first time buyer mortgage in Basingstoke. A conveyancing solicitor should be employed to deal with the legal proceedings that come with purchasing a house. We are a mortgage broker who offers assistance to first time buyers in Basingstoke. Our mortgage advisors in the region can provide you with advice on eligibility and can help you find the most appropriate first time buyer mortgage in Basingstoke.

What type of first time buyer mortgages can I get in Basingstoke?

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A range of different mortgages are available to first-time buyers in Basingstoke. The most popular one is the fixed-rate mortgage, which helps to protect you against any potential interest rate rises. The tracker mortgage is another option, which follows the Bank of England's base rate. If it goes up, so do the interest rates, and if it drops, so do the interest rates. Discounted variable rates are a cheaper option, although they are subject to the lender's SVR. Finally, the offset mortgage gives you an interest-free, flexible savings account to offset the balance of the mortgage, so the more you save, the less interest you pay. For more information about the different types of mortgages available to you, book a free appointment with one of our mortgage brokers in Basingstoke today.

Help to Buy in Basingstoke

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Specialist Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

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Step 1

No matter your aspirations, it is always best to talk to an experienced mortgage broker in Basingstoke about your current circumstances and possible options. At the outset, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will take important details about your income and outgoings to calculate the highest amount you can borrow for a first-time buyer mortgage in Basingstoke.

Free Mortgage Apppointment

Step 2

We understand that buying your first home is one of the biggest decisions you will make and that it is a big financial commitment. We take pride in our knowledgeable mortgage advisors who will guide you through the process and make sure that you receive top quality advice. Our team of experienced mortgage brokers is located in London and they have access to exclusive mortgage products and interest rates that you wonā€™t be able to find elsewhere. At Londonmoneyman, we are committed to providing the best advice for our clients. So if you are looking for a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, look no further than Londonmoneyman! Our team of experienced mortgage advisors will be able to provide you with the best advice and the best deals.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 3

Once you have found a suitable property, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will assist you with the application and offer guidance throughout the process. Your advisor will review your personal financial situation to determine the best way to approach a lender, and provide mortgage advice on the most suitable product for you. Your broker will also submit your full mortgage application and forward all documentation to the lender, keeping you up to date throughout the process until you receive your official mortgage offer and complete your purchase.

Submit Your Application

Step 4

At our firm, we are committed to going the extra mile. Not only do we ensure that you get the most suitable mortgage package, but we also suggest relevant insurance to keep you and your family secure. Furthermore, we will get in contact with you when it's time to renew your mortgage, in order to make sure you always have the best agreement. If you are looking for a reliable mortgage broker in Basingstoke, our capable team of advisors are here to help.

8 Reasons to Choose Us For Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

Free Appointment in Basingstoke

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We have some wonderful customer reviews from other first time buyers in Basingstoke who sought our mortgage advice in the area, and they are a perfect illustration of the quality of service we offer. Before you book your free mortgage appointment, take a look to see what our customers have said and to see how we can be of assistance to you as well!

Search 1000s of products

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As an open and honest mortgage broker in Basingstoke, we have access to a number of competitive mortgage products that we can search through on your behalf. We boast an extensive selection of lenders and will be able to identify the ideal mortgage for you and your needs!

Our Service

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For years, our experienced mortgage broker in Basingstoke has been providing first-time buyers with guidance and support. We understand that getting your first mortgage is a daunting process, and so we are here to help you every step of the way. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisor will help you find the best mortgage product for your needs. To book an appointment, simply use our online booking system and get the help you need.

7 Days a Week

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Our team are available 7 days a week, including bank holidays and weekends. This means that as a first time buyer in Basingstoke, you can book in your own appointment with a mortgage broker in Basingstoke at a convenient time, including out of hours!

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We search 1000s of mortgage deals in Basingstoke

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Common Mortgage Questions in Basingstoke

How much can you borrow for a mortgage in Basingstoke?

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If you're looking to determine how much you can afford to borrow, you can calculate this using our affordability calculator or consult with a mortgage broker in Basingstoke. A real person will be able to provide a clearer picture of the amount you may be able to borrow. Factors such as your salary and income will affect the amount you can borrow. Once we have conducted a free affordability evaluation, we will be able to offer more tailored advice.

Ready to make an offer on a property in Basingstoke?

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Once you have a property that you are ready to make an offer on, you now need to get started on the mortgage side of things. At this point, you can book yourself in for a free mortgage appointment online with one of our brilliant mortgage brokers in Basingstoke. Appointments are subject to availability, but if you're lucky, you might get one for the same day!

Has your offer already been accepted in Basingstoke?

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When your offer has been accepted, it's time to start sorting out your mortgage. By enlisting the help of a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, the mortgage application process can be completed more swiftly. A mortgage broker can provide you with guidance and advice throughout the process, while a mortgage advisor can make sure you get the best deal available.

Looking for an agreement in principle ahead of your mortgage in Basingstoke?

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If you are looking for a mortgage advisor in Basingstoke, then look no further! We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you secure the best possible deal. Our experienced brokers will be able to provide you with advice and guidance for the entire process, from initial agreement in principle to completion. We are proud to have a vast knowledge of the mortgage market and have access to specialist lenders too. So, if you're seeking a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, contact us today!

Struggling to get accepted for a mortgage in Basingstoke?

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If you're a first-time buyer in Basingstoke and feeling overwhelmed by the mortgage process, you should seek the assistance of a mortgage broker. We can offer you our support and guidance throughout. Why not book your free consultation to speak with a mortgage expert in Basingstoke today?

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