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As a devoted Mortgage Broker in London with over 20 years of experience, our mortgage advisors will provide you nothing but open and honest Mortgage Advice in London to these surrounding areas. We aim to find you the best mortgage tailored to your circumstances.

Here are the following areas where we offer our mortgage advice service:

Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is the largest town in the county of Hampshire. The area is a bustling town that boasts its fantastic nightlife, growing business community as well as its short commute to London with the journey being only 40 mins by train. Residents are spoilt with a mixture of a bustling town surrounded by picturesque scenery and you may see the recognisable Highclere Castle which has been featured in Downton Abbey. As well as this, Basingstoke is the birthplace of author Jane Austen.

There is a lot to do within the area including Festival Place Shopping Centre which has all your well-known retail brands making it the perfect place for a shopping spree. For history lovers, there are many museums that show off Basingstoke's early days including the Willis Museum and the Milestones Museum. There are lots of restaurants providing a variety of cuisines and is perfect for a date night and family dinners.

In terms of properties within Basingstoke, there is a variety on the market for both families and couples. Whether you are interested in a beautiful Victorian home, a new build property or one of the Edwardian properties available within the area, there is a home for anyone in Basingstoke! Transport links to London are fantastic being just under an hour by train making it convenient for young professionals. Get in touch with our friendly team to help with the mortgage aspect of your homebuying journey.

Mortgage Broker in Basingstoke

Mortgage Advice in Battersea

Located in south London, Battersea is known for its power station and is the home of the oldest animal rescue centre Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Recent developments in the area have drawn many tourists and residents to the area. It is also known to be the home of many famous faces including Gordon Ramsey and Victora Beckham. 

There is plenty to do within Battersea including the modern shopping centre located within Battersea Power Station which has plenty of well-known brands. Along with this, there is a brilliant Battersea Park for your daily walk which provides a greener aspect of the city.  

There are a variety of properties within Battersea from luxury apartments to Victorian terraced houses. This area does come with premium prices however it’s worth the variety on offer within Battersea and around London. If this area is the place for you, get in touch with our team to begin your mortgage journey.

Mortgage Advice in Brixton

Known as a multicultural part of London, Brixton is a district in South London and provides a more regular day-to-day feel away from the tourist areas within central London. In 2013, Brixton was voted one of the UK’s coolest places to live by The Times and won The Great Neighbourhood Award which just shows the urban feel Brixton provides.  

Brixton Market offers street food, many fashion items and produce from many parts of the world to emphasize the multicultural aspects of this district. O2 Academy Brixton is where the heart of the music nightlife is with acts like James Bay, Blossoms, Scouting for Girls and The Pretenders. 

From flats to 3-bedroom houses, Brixton has a variety of properties on offer perfect for both young professionals and families. If you are moving to Brixton as a family or looking to settle down there, the area has a range of schools providing both primary and secondary education.  

Mortgage Advice in Camden

Camden is known to attract many tourists including teenagers and punks with the area full of markets, niche shops and food stalls. The area has been home to Charles Dickens as well as Sylvia Path and carries on to be home to many famous faces today.

As mentioned, there is plenty of things to do in Camden and can provide a more unique experience than what it offers in more central parts of London. Surrounding this area is London Zoo which makes a perfect day out for families as well as Regents Park with its picturesque gardens.

Whether you are looking for a property as a family or a couple or as a single buyer, Camden has lots of properties on offer and is popular for those looking for easy and convenient transport links. If you have found your dream property in Camden, our team can help you through the mortgage aspect of this by booking your free mortgage appointment today.

Mortgage Advice in Croydon

Whether you've got a family, living alone, or sharing with friends, there's always something to do in the excitement in South London which makes Croydon one of the perfect places to move to.

If you like having the odd time out from your busy lifestyle then there are perfect stroll locations, each with stunning outdoor spaces. From South Norwood Country Park and Lloyd Park to Happy Valley, Farthing Downs, and Wettern Tree Gardens.

On top of this, there is a good selection of direct, and frequent, trains to Central London, Gatwick Airport, and down to Brighton. If you are looking for a bite to eat, then you’re in luck, so many great restaurants to choose from.

Boxpark has a good choice of food and drink, you can find everything from Greek cuisine, street food, American-style burgers, sushi, and much more. If fast food isn’t your style, then Croydon is home to one of the oldest fruits and veg markets in London and is still going strong.

With fresh produce, reasonable prices and a good old fashion piece of traditional city culture. If this place sounds like the perfect place for you, get in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Croydon to see how we can help.

Mortgage Broker in Croydon

Mortgage Advice in Dartford

Travelling across its famous crossing, you will find the town of Dartford. Furthermore, the area lies within the area known as the London Basin which is a low-lying marsh. The history of Dartford highlights the area being an important waypoint for pilgrims and travellers. 

Bluewater Shopping Centre is a brilliant area for shopaholics and there is a regular market where you can support local businesses. Cyclists can enjoy the National Cycle Route 125 connecting Brookeland Lake to the bank of the River Thames through Dartford town centre and central park. Darent Valley Path is a brilliant walking route too! 

The property market offers a plethora of properties some dating back to the Georgian and Victorian periods as well as modern houses making it fitting for a variety of buyers’ needs. With two outstanding grammar schools and brilliant primary schools, families can rest assured that there are many educational facilities on offer. If you are looking at living a little out of the thriving capital city and Dartford tickles your fancy, get in touch with our team today. 

Mortgage Broker in Dartford

Mortgage Advice in Edgware

A suburban town located in northern Greater London and is popular amongst those who are looking for an easy commute to the city centre. It is also a culturally diverse area that has a warming community. The landscape is full of green spaces making it perfect for daily walks and exercise! 

Within the city centre, there is a variety of retailers and eateries with essential supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tesco. Other retailers are located at The Broadwalk entre and a 20-minute journey to Oxford is perfect if you are looking for further brands.  

Edgware has attracted many families with its brilliant range of schools for both primary and secondary education and its large semi-detached and detached homes. Like with many areas in the suburbs, many people find this area perfect for commuting to the capital city of London.

Mortgage Broker in Edgware

Mortgage Advice in Epsom

If you travel 15 miles southwest of London you will find Epsom which is a historic market town that shows off its history and heritage. It is also famous for being the location where suffragette Emily Davison stepped out in front of the King’s horse a The Derby in 1913. This has been remembered by the statue of Emily Davison which stands in the Market Place. 

Speaking of the market, Epsom has one weekly which has a variety of independent businesses and antiques on offer. There is a friendly community in the area that has many activities and events on, especially in their community centre. This is brilliant if you are new to the area and are looking at making new friends. A brilliant family day out is Hobbledown Adventure Farm Park and Zoo which is a farm park based on an adventure book.

The properties in Epsom have seen many people look to live in the area and commute within London making this convenient and potentially cheaper. There is also a variety of properties on offer whether you are moving in as a families and young professionals. 

Mortgage Broker in Epsom

Mortgage Advice in Greenwich

Many know Greenwich for its massive green landscapes and for being named after Greenwich Mean Time which can attract many tourists every year. The area is full of magnificent architecture that boasts its history and heritage with The Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum being located within this area. 

As you may have guessed from the initial point, there is lots on in Greenwich that are fitting for history fanatics! These include Ranger’s House which is a Georgian villa, Eltham Palace and Garden and the Queen’s House. If you are looking for a shopping spree, Greenwich Market provides hidden gems that sell unique gifts and a fantastic food court. Greenwich Park also provides a fantastic walking area.

Even though Greenwich is not the most reasonable of places in London, it does offer a large variety of properties and you are located in an opportune area making the price tag more premium. If your dream property is in Greenwich, get in touch with our team to help you through the purchase journey.

Mortgage Advice in Guildford

Guildford is a town in west Surrey and is picturesque with its cobbled street and iconic Guildhall gold clock. It provides a rural but bustling lifestyle with its vibrant city centre that is located around magnificent and rural land.

The pretty high street has brilliant shops and eateries perfect for a shopping spree and going for dinner with friends and family. As well as this, there is lots to do as a family with the area having three theatres, cinemas and plenty of events throughout the year.

Many people look to move to Guildford as it is one of the towns that has a perfect route to central London making it a commuter’s dream. Due to this, the property market thrives within Guildford offering flats and Victorian homes.

Mortgage Broker in Guildford

Mortgage Advice in Hackney

Hackney is a well-known and popular area within London, forming two-thirds of the London Borough of Hackney, of which it shares a name with. Hackney is a large area with great historical significance leading back to pre-Roman times. 

In modern times, however, Hackney is a thriving area, with ties to six different train stations, a massive selection of London buses stopping around the area and lots of open spaces. 

Hackney sports a diverse culture of local street art, restaurants, markets and even a farm to allow city children to experience life around animals. The locals feel like there’s a real sense of community in Hackney, and it’s hard to argue that point. 

If you wish to make your mark in a busy and ever-popular property hotspot in the London area, Hackney might just be for you. Get in touch when you find a property you have your heart set on and we’ll get the ball rolling on your mortgage.

Mortgage Advice in Ilford

A large town situated in East London; Ilford is another popular area that many homeowners desire to call home. A multicultural town, Ilford is a town with diversity at the very heart of it, with many religious buildings and a theatre to celebrate the arts. 

Ilford is considered to be a much cheaper area of London, with lots of transport links including rail services, bus routes and cycling lanes. Further to this, there are plenty of schools and academies, perfect for raising a family in the area. 

Home buyers looking to purchase a home in Ilford can rest assured knowing they will be buying in a diverse area with ties to both London and Essex. Get in touch if you find a property you like and we’ll get started on your mortgage.

Mortgage Broker in Ilford

Mortgage Advice in Kensington & Chelsea

Known as the smallest borough in London and the second smallest district in England, Kensington & Chelsea provides luxury living around an affluent area. It is also the home of many famous faces with the area full of striking properties. Over time, these two areas have merged together to build up a prestigious borough.  

The area of Kensington is home to royal residency since 1689 that is Kensington Palace which boosts the area’s overall well-to-do reputation. Like many other areas of London, Kensington and Chelsea attract many tourists who are interested in going to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A. As well as this, this borough provides a lavish shopping experience with the famous department store, Harrods.  

In terms of living within the area, you are in the centre of it all with excellent transport links for in and around London with the help of the Underground. This makes it a brilliant place for young people who are looking for excellent employment opportunities. For those who have found their dream property within this borough, contact our friendly team today!

Mortgage Broker in Kensington

Mortgage Advice in Luton

If you decide to move and live in Luton, then you are lucky because the place has many benefits to offer. From it's affordable housing, excellent transport connections, well-regarded schools, and a location that is well within an easy commute into London.

Living in Luton offers residents everything they need to enjoy life. There are plenty to do, great accessibility, value for money property, and well-rounded school options for those with families.

Great transport links make getting around the area much simple. Major routes like the M1 and the A6 give access across the region, or you may prefer to travel via the local rail network.

The town has three railway stations: Luton, Leagrave, and Luton Airport Parkway which are served by East Midlands Railway and Thameslink services. There are also many buses that have access to many towns and villages surrounding Luton.

Luton has a particularly diverse multicultural population. Having many broad and varied shopping experience, particularly when it comes to the food shop. Some parts of Luton you will find around 100 stores including a market, a butcher store, fishmongers’ and a fruit and vegetables shop etc. Get in touch with our team today for support with your purchase or remortgage process. 

Mortgage Broker in Luton

Mortgage Advice in Mayfair

Mayfair is a small, elegant district located in central London that borders Hyde Park. It is lined with Georgian townhouses, luxurious hotels and top-of-the-range restaurants; perfect for chic living. 

You'll find many different kinds of shops and things to do in and around Mayfair. Fashion lovers will adore the high-street shopping in the area; those who always want a breath of fresh air will enjoy walks around Hyde Park and the local gardens; people looking for fancy cuisines with huge menus are spoilt for choice; it's all about Mayfair!

It is top of the monopoly board for a reason; house prices are high in this area of London and the number of them that are available is usually limited. If you manage to find a property in Mayfair that suits your needs, we can help you with the purchase process.  

Mortgage Broker in Mayfair

Mortgage Advice in Notting Hill

Home to many British celebrity icons is the wonderful Notting Hill. This historic district of London is located in the northeast of the city, just south of Stratford. It is also just West of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Notting Hill is also famous for its appearances in many different British films. This is due to the vibrant housing, lively markets, atmospheric nightlife and small, quiet parks. We would recommend the Portobello Road Market for nifty gifts and classical antiques. This would all live right on your doorstep.

The majority of Notting Hill's housing typings range from terraced to studio apartments. This is what you would expect in such a vibrant, busy area. If you are looking at purchasing a property in the Notting Hill area, make sure to find out more about how we can help make your moving home process stress-free and simpler.

Mortgage Advice in Reading

Reading is a large town west of London, located in Berkshire county. Reading is a place for families, young couples and the elderly - welcome for all ages.

You'll find many woodland walks and trails in and around Reading, most running alongside the River Thames and River Kennet. Along the river, you will also find restaurants, shops and cafes to stop by and take in the views. You may also know about Reading's annual festival, featuring artists from all around the world - right on your doorstep.

Reading is a great place to live, especially if you are first time buyer in London or looking to move home. Contact our team to learn more about our mortgage advice service.

Mortgage Broker in Reading

Mortgage Advice in Richmond

The affluent area of Richmond is located in southwest London, just north of Wimbledon. With the ease of access to the capital's city centre, Richmond makes a great location for getting to and from work.

Richmond park takes up the majority of Richmond, with housing and apartments surrounding its outskirts. There are also many different local schools in the area and the Univerity of Roehampton is just around the corner. The area is thriving with beauty, wildlife and atmosphere in the riverside area; you'll find famous landmarks such as the Strawberry Hill House and Garden, Marble Hill, Lion Gate and Syon House.

Mortgage Advice in Slough

Slough is located a little further out of London than Richmond, being closer to Reading than the capital's centre. Travelling and transport are never a problem when you live in Slough, you will find that there are frequent trains passing through to London and Heathrow airport is just a few miles away.

Slough is usually described as a well-sought-after place, however, you will still find that many families choose to live here and settle down. It is quite a large town that is popular with tourists too. This is because Legoland and Windsor Castle are just South of Slough, which brings a lot of people from around the UK to visit the town.

There are many job opportunities in Slough, the area provides tens of thousands of jobs to the local area. This is due to the Slough Trading Estate business park; company headquarters include Burger King, Lego, Reckitt Benckiser and McAfee.

Slough is a great place to live if you are thinking of moving to a town in the south of England at a close distance to the capital.

Mortgage Broker in Slough

Mortgage Advice in Soho

Located in the West End, Soho provides an energetic and lively atmosphere both in the day and night time. For decades, the area is known as the centre of London’s LGBT+ which is celebrated through its many gay and lesbian bars that line Old Compton Street.  

Musical fanatics can enjoy the many theatres around the West End hosting many plays and musicals throughout the year including Wicked, Grease and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. In the day time, many people enjoy shopping in the area for book, fashion, art and more! 

Soho is known for being the hub for media and film agencies making it a brilliant place for budding media professionals. You are surrounded by many transport links and stunning walking routes.

Mortgage Advice in Twickenham

Twickenham is a suburban district in London and is located on the River Thames southwest of Charing Cross. It’s known as being one of the most desirable locations of the southwest and provides brilliant transport facilities to the capital while living in rural and picturesque green spaces.  

Residents are spoilt for choice with various amenities Twickenham has to offer with many places for socialising as well as independent shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes. The community spirit within the area is further heightened by its weekly market where many local businesses set up shop and can be brilliant to get an idea of what your fellow neighbours are like. 

When it comes to the properties in Twickenham, you will be paying a premium price. There are a variety of properties out there perfect for both families and couples. Many look to move to this area as they work within central London but are wanting somewhere to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get in touch with our team today for support with the purchase process. 

Mortgage Broker in Twickenham

Mortgage Advice in Watford

If you are looking for somewhere closer to East England. The area has a thriving center of complexes, plenty of green spaces, a large variety of entertainment, plenty of eateries to choose and countless travel connections.  

This is a no-brainer as to why homeowners are considering joining the community by moving to Watford because of its proximity to London. The town has more affordable housing than the capital, with popular areas including Nascot Wood, Abbots Langley, and Leavesden. 

One thing is certain, there is no park shortage; Garston Park is a half park, half nature reserve. While Cassiobury park offers over 90 acres of pace and has a Green Flag award. Watford is surrounded by the Hertfordshire countryside and on the edge of Chiltern Hills. You are never too far away from the countryside. 

Watford offers a wide range of transport links, with services to London and Birmingham, and other areas. The Metropolitan Line has three local railway stations, two underground lines, and a tube stop. 

Mortgage Broker in Watford

Mortgage Advice in Wembley

As you are looking for the best place to live in London, Wembley Park might be the answer. The area has a strong reputation for sporting events and music and has countless landmark destinations for culture, community and entertainment.  

After a major transformation and development, the area has become a lively community with a wide variety and vitality. From a plethora of transport links, restaurants and bars, as well as high-class shopping complexes and annual round events.  
Wembley is an area in northwest London with modern apartments, a clean and cared for neighbourhood, and community spirit. Location is key when it comes to finding your dream property.  
It’s up to you how you commute to work, when living in Wembley Park you will have plenty of options available. Two tubes away and 12 minutes on the Met line will take you to Baker Street, and West End just 18 minutes on the Jubilee Line. If you work in Liverpool Street, Kings Cross, Paddington, Waterloo, and Clapham, the trip will take you 30 minutes under London’s ground and Network Rail.  

This area comes at a high price, but it is worth the variety offered. If this area is your place, book your free mortgage appointment to speak with a mortgage advisor in London & Wembley today to start your mortgage journey. 

Mortgage Broker in Wembley

Mortgage Advice in Woking

Woking is a beautiful place to relocate to, whether you’re moving for work, family, or just for a change. Woking has a vast and rich history, including being the site of Woking Palace, the setting and place where H.G. Wells wrote his famous novel War of the Worlds. It is also where you can find large houses at reasonable prices, a wide and exciting selection of shops and efficient commuting connections. 

Mortgage Broker in Woking

Mortgage Advice in London & Surrounding Areas

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