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Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

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Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

Planning your next move in Basingstoke? Let our expert mortgage advisors help you navigate the home-buying process with ease. Taking the stress away.

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Fast & friendly mortgage advice in Basingstoke

If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, then we can help. For over two decades, we have been providing customers with mortgage advice in the area, helping countless people to move into their dream home with ease.

We understand that moving home can come with its own set of challenges – not only will you be looking for a new home, but you’ll also need to find a buyer for your current property and pack up all your belongings.

For that reason, we want to offer our customers total support and guidance. Our quick and friendly team of mortgage advisors in Basingstoke are renowned for their responsiveness, openness and honesty, providing an exceptional mortgage advice service.

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Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

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As a well-established mortgage broker in Basingstoke, our primary goal is to offer our customers the highest level of service. We have access to a multitude of lenders, so we can search through thousands of deals for you. We will evaluate your own personal and financial circumstances and help you find the best mortgage deal for you.

If you have a flexible mortgage product and you would like to transfer it to your new home, we can assist you with that.

Have a glance at our impressive customer reviews to discover what our previous customers thought about the service they received. You will soon realise why many people keep returning to us. Our reviews always make us proud to be a mortgage broker in Basingstoke.

If you are considering your options for relocating to Basingstoke, you should book a free mortgage appointment with one of our experienced mortgage advisors in Basingstoke. Our team are available from morning until late evening, 7 days a week, with appointments that fit around your schedule; subject to availability.

Can I move my current mortgage to a new property in Basingstoke?

It’s then best to speak to a “broker” or “advisor” to find out the best options for you and to help you secure the best mortgage for your new home.

Yes, most mortgages in Basingstoke are “portable”, meaning you can transfer your current mortgage in Basingstoke to a new property, if you meet the criteria.

If you have to reapply for this transaction and your circumstances have altered, you may no longer be eligible and you will be assessed a new credit score.

It is then advisable to seek out mortgage advice in Basingstoke to discover the best solutions for you and to help you get the most suitable mortgage for your new home.

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Popular Mortgage FAQs in Basingstoke

What are the costs involved with moving home in Basingstoke?

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When relocating to a new home in Basingstoke, there are many expenses to take into account. Some of these can include: estate agency fees, property survey costs, mortgage arrangement fees, solicitor’s charges, removal fees and fees from a mortgage broker in Basingstoke.

It is important to consider all of these costs when budgeting for a move.

What happens if I buy a property and want to move home in Basingstoke?

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In either case, you’ll need to speak to a mortgage broker or advisor to help you source the best deal. When looking for a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, it’s important to find one who is a professional and will be able to recommend deals that are appropriate for your individual circumstances.

Can you pay a mortgage off early in Basingstoke?

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You can pay your mortgage in Basingstoke off in full at any time, if you also pay any early repayment fees that may apply.

Most mortgage providers will permit annual overpayments of 10% of your mortgage balance per year, as long as you are still within your introductory, fixed or discount period.

If you are on a standard variable rate you are generally able to make overpayments of whatever amount you wish.

Our Customers Love Us

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Our Simple 4-Step Process

Book Online

Step 1

Discussing with an experienced mortgage broker in Basingstoke, they will weigh up your present situation and will enquire as to what you aspire to accomplish.

At the gratuitous meeting, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will collect information on your earnings and outgoings to calculate your optimum affordability.

Free Mortgage Apppointment

Step 2

Your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will scour thousands of mortgage options to find the right one for you!

They can secure you an agreement in principle, which can be invaluable for supporting any offers you wish to make.

Finding a Suitable Product

Step 3

Once you have had an offer accepted, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will submit your full mortgage application and relevant documents to the mortgage lender.

Your devoted case manager will guarantee that you are kept informed all the way through, until you receive your official mortgage offer and complete both your purchase and sale.

Submit Your Application

Step 4

If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Basingstoke, then you can rely on our team of advisors to get the job done. We have an unbelievable amount of experience in the industry and are passionate about finding our clients the best deal.

Our service doesn't stop there. As well as securing you the most appropriate mortgage, we will also make relevant insurance recommendations to keep you and your family safe. When your mortgage is up for renewal, we will contact you to make sure that you are always on the best deal.

8 Reasons to Choose Us For Mortgage Advice in Basingstoke

Free Appointment in Basingstoke

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At our complimentary mortgage meeting, we will assess your objectives and work out how we can overcome any potential obstacles.

A reliable member of our mortgage guidance team will analyse the expenditure you may be faced with, and provide you with an estimation of the amount you may be able to acquire, along with what your monthly instalments may be.

We are always available to support our customers in progressing their journey. Get in touch and we will determine how we can assist!

If you are looking for a reliable experienced mortgage broker , then look no further. Our mortgage advisor in Basingstoke are here to provide you with the best advice and assistance you need.

Search 1000s of products

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Once they understand what you are hoping to accomplish, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will then search through thousands of unique deals to discover the one which is perfect for you.

Should you decide to go ahead with our advice, we will strive to obtain your Agreement in Principle, which is usually done within 24 hours and, whenever feasible, on the same day.

Our team have a wealth of experience in offering specialist mortgage advice in Basingstoke, assisting clients in their property owning journey.

It is doubtful that there is a situation we have not come across before. They will draw on that knowledge to provide the most suitable advice, based on what you wish to do.

Our Service

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Once you have found your ideal property and had an offer accepted, the final stages are just beginning. Along with your advisor, you will be guided through to completion and beyond. It's not just about finding the right mortgage deal, we can also suggest property surveys and help you locate conveyancing solicitors.

When the mortgage is complete, we as a committed mortgage broker in Basingstoke will provide advice on various insurances. Although these are not compulsory, we care about our customers and believe it is part of our duty to ensure they know about the ways to protect themselves, their kin and their mortgage payments.

7 Days a Week

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When it comes to choosing the right mortgage broker in Basingstoke, you should look no further than our team of Mortgage Advisors. Our team has years of experience in the mortgage sector and will assist you with finding the perfect mortgage for you, tailored to your needs.

They will take the time to understand your current situation and provide the best advice to make sure you make the right decision. Our team of mortgage advisors will ensure that you are fully informed of the options that are available to you and make sure that you are aware of any potential risks associated with your chosen path.

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We search 1000s of mortgage deals in Basingstoke

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Common Mortgage Questions in Basingstoke

How much can I borrow & what are the costs of buying a home in Basingstoke?

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We often find that our customers contact us earlier in their process so that they can benefit from the expert mortgage advice in Basingstoke. Generally, this is because they would like to get a basic idea of the costs associated with buying a home. Additionally, they may be looking to find out the maximum amount they are able to borrow, the interest rate and the monthly repayment amount.

Your devoted mortgage advisor in Basingstoke will be able to review all of these aspects in your free mortgage appointment. The amount that can be borrowed isn’t fixed, as your income, loan term, property value and a number of other considerations will be taken into account in order to determine the loan amount and potential costs.

Ready to make an offer on a property in Basingstoke?

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Once you have gone through your complimentary initial mortgage consultation, your mortgage broker in Basingstoke will commence the process of seeking out the most suitable option for you, examining thousands of products.

If you are content with the agreement that we have sourced for you, then we will need to move onto securing your mortgage in principle. This statement will be necessary for the future steps of your journey, and also demonstrates to the seller of any properties you make an offer on, that you are serious and prepared to continue.

Generally, we can acquire an Agreement in Principle for you within 24 hours of your appointment, and we can aid you in renewing it at any point should it expire.

Your Offer On a New Home in Basingstoke Has Been Accepted

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Once the offer of your new home has been accepted, it’s time for your devoted mortgage broker in Basingstoke to embark on the entire mortgage application. We can also help out with any other elements of the house moving procedure, such as suggesting conveyancing lawyers and advising on property inspections.

Your Offer On a New Home in Basingstoke Has Been Accepted

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There are a variety of explanations why your bank may have denied your mortgage application. You may not have met their exacting credit scoring requirements, or it could be that they were simply not willing to lend you the amount you wanted.

Regardless of why you were not accepted, you can still gain from talking to a mortgage broker in Basingstoke. We have a comprehensive understanding of mortgage lending criteria, and can match you up with the ideal lender for your circumstances.

We have access to a wide panel of mortgage providers who offer more specialised and niche products, designed for customers who have had problems with their credit. Your credit file will be taken into account when deciding if you are eligible for these.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, book yourself in for a free mortgage consultation with one of our committed mortgage advisors in Basingstoke today.

Having Trouble with The Bank in Basingstoke?

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There are several potential factors that could lead to your bank rejecting your mortgage application. It might be because you don’t meet their strict credit scoring criteria or simply because they are not willing to provide the desired loan amount.

We work in partnership with a wide range of mortgage lenders who specialize in niche products tailored for customers who have faced credit difficulties. Your credit history will be considered when determining your eligibility for these specialized options.

To learn more about how we can help you, we recommend scheduling a free mortgage appointment online with one of our dedicated mortgage advisors in Basingstoke today.

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